The Second French-Australian Energy Symposium aims to build-up a multidisciplinary research capability in the energy field between French and Australian partners. It supports fundamental and applied research as well as innovation activities linked to industry. It is a further step to reinforce bilateral collaborations following the rationale initiated on the First Symposium held in Sydney on the 7th February 2018.


Two workshops will be organized within this symposium:

  • The First IRN-FACES workshop on Electrochemical Storage and Hydrogen Energy. Le Croisic, June 13th-14th 2019. It aims to create an International Research Network (IRN) between 8 CNRS labs and 4 Australian Universities on conversion and energy storage.
  • The French-Australian Meeting on Solar Energy. Nantes, June 14th 2019. It aims to foster research and innovation with the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Solar Energy signed in May 2018 between CNRS and UNSW.

IRN-FACES Workshop

The First IRN-FACES workshop

French-Australian research network on Conversion and Energy Storage

for stand-alone & maritime applications

 Port aux Rocs Estate, Le Croisic, June 13th -14th 2019


To register to IRN-FACES workshop you need to have an account on SciencesConf or HAL (CNRS-hosted services). You can directly create your account and register to the workshop by clicking  at the "IRN-FACES: Registration" tab (left of web-page)


Registration for IRN-FACES partners is open until the 28th of May up to a limit of 40 participants.

Registration (free) is required to participate to IRN-FACES workshop

All attendees are requested to complete a bio-data file for the workshop booklet



The two days before the IRN-FACES workshop, the annual meeting of the French Network on hydrogen-energy HySPàC is taking place at Port aux Rocs. More information available at :


Solar-Energy Meeting

For detailed informations on this workshop, select at the tab "Solar-Energy Meeting" in the "MAIN MENU"

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